About Us

Welcome to Free From Babylon™. We are an ethical, direct to consumer leisurewear label. A global creative collective, that is focused on empowering others to follow their dreams, express their identities unapologetically and nurture their creativity. We believe in order to flourish one must be mentally free from any system that impedes individuality, stifles dreams and forces prescribed narratives. 

For us, that place is tantamount to a “Babylon” vernacular for a place of captivity and oppression of self. Our message is clear, to thrive we believe you need to be Free. “Free From Babylon™”.

As an ethical leisurewear company, all our designs are made on a made to order basis and we usually dispatched within 2 days of ordering. We follow this just in time process to reduce the impact of manufacturing processes on the environment and endeavor to do our part in forging a net carbon zero future for the next generation.  Where possible, we use ethically sourced and recycled based materials to manufacture our clothing.

Free from Babylon advocates for mental wellness and a positive sustainable future for all of us.